Monday, September 29, 2014


....FINALLY the term has advanced a bit, the first draft of the book is done, and now I can knit and crochet from time to time.  WHEW.  So today I took a skein of ESSEX, a new chunky wool yarn by Plymouth, and cooked up a cool little wool cloche .....Photos in this post were taken by Larry in what we are calling the BBQ Studio -- that is, in the back yard in pitch darkness atop the gas barbecue.....(you do what you can....).   The hat has a reverse-stockinette edging and on top two fat I-cords that form a huge monster bow (simply reduce top to 6 sts, divide onto two needles, and make 2 cords at least a foot long each....).  Free pattern in shop with yarn purchase.

NEXT DAY:   Here are two better shots: 

.....and then I'm adapting Sally Melville's idea, exemplified by her Step-Dance Shawl (which sells tons of yarn in the studio), of vertical and horizontal panels.....I'm starting at the center back with a wide strip, then stepping up as I move the piece strip by strip to the front.  It will have kimono sleeves and some kind of Asian-style shawl collar.  This gorgeous yarn is Liberty Wool prints.  Watch this space for whatever advances occur!!!!!  I'm also planning to attend the New York Sheep and Wool Festival in mid-October, and I'll be sure to take photographs.