Friday, July 31, 2015


Well, Larry and I negotiated the horrendous move from the east side of the Detroit Metro area to the west side -- a move that a lot of people think is like moving to South Dakota.   No.   In fact, it's like moving to Montana.    But.   That's because we hired a horrid moving company (do NOT hire Grosse Pointe Moving).  I am trying to forget all of the details.   Let's just say that a refund is in the mail.

At the west-side end, we have the usual array of boxes, bags, and other items to open and sort.  Things are made much worse by the quantity of YARN.   So we set up a big table in the shop with a huge pile (HUGE) of odd lots of yarn that I will not live long enough to use.   At some point (I need to get some energy back), I'll tag each item separately and put it in a real stash area in the basement; but, for now, it's 2.50 an ounce.   I will bring more in today.

On the academic side:   LOOK AT THIS!    It's in copy-editing stage now -- I have got through chapter 2, on to chapter 3-8 on Monday through Wednesday or so.   What a cool outcome.  Look at the fierce women on the cover -- they have KNIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  On the roof of a salmon factory.

  • Gender Remade
  • Citizenship, Suffrage, and Public Power in the New Northwest, 1879–1912

    VanBurkleo, Sandra F.
    Published: Not yet published - available from December 2015

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Sunday, July 19, 2015

DO NOT MISS This -- especially if you're having a bad day.

GET A LOAD Of THIS!!!   Copied from the dear Lana Niemeth's Facebook page.
Here's a precious giraffe named Misha kissing her newborn baby calf heart emoticon