Thursday, May 30, 2013

Off to Franklin, Indiana....???!!!

Tonight,  maybe about 5:00, I'm going to get in the wonderful, new-ish VW Beetle and head for the fiber festival at Franklin, Indiana, which is just to the south of Indianapolis.  I will aim for Fort Wayne, which is maybe 90 minutes away from Indianapolis -- no point in trying to swim the whole pool in one lap!!!   Besides, the festival doesn't open until noon on Friday, so I could actually rest a little bit in the morning, knit, sip some good coffee at a decent espresso shop (if I can find one) and mosey on down to Franklin.  This isn't a huge festival, and I note with some alarm that they are padding the resume, so to speak, with some potters and soapmakers.  But -- I'm sure to find some new people who deal in yarn and roving.  So it's a done deal.  I'll of course take my camera and make report.  Indiana has some of THE best collectible and antique shops in the midwest, so maybe I can find some truly cool vintage buttons!!!!!!!  I return sometime Friday night.     svb

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


The final piece in the Third Coast Fiber Arts Festival registration apparatus is now up and running -- the photographs that accompany the workshop detail page.  So go now to, click on Workshops, then on Class Details -- and have a look!  Congrats to Larry for doing all of this hard work so well (but with apologies to Dana Matuskey -- Larry photographed the crochet-edged squares wrong side up -- he'll correct it).

We have been a bit astonished by the rush of registration traffic this year, as compared to last year -- I guess that WAS the first year, and so it's not surprising that it gained steam.  But, this time, it's kind of a big WHOOOSH.   Thanks, everyone.     svb

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Second Annual Third Coast Fiber Arts Festival Registration Link

For those of you who are looking for festival information:  Go to


Friday, May 17, 2013


Someone got in touch with Ellen Taylor, our wonderful helper for Third Coast, and offered to volunteer, and she DELETED the e-mail by accident.  So please try again!!!!!!   Ellen is at      THANKS.      svb

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Registration for the Third Coast Fiber Arts Festival is OPEN

Everyone, we are struggling right now to get everything up and running -- Larry thinks that, by early tomorrow, you will be able to access complete information for registration.  I just went in to see for myself, and while you CAN resgister, you can't easily get at homework assignments.  So if you can stand the suspense, wait 24 hours.  Then go to   and click on Third Coast link (which, I see, also has not been updated).    All will be well. 

Thursday:   NOTE that all we're missing now is photography of particular projects, etc., for the long schedule.  But -- if you don't care about photos, you surely can register now!    svb

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Third Coast Festival Update

Everyone, we are in the process of  making the festival's workshop schedule final and putting it on line.  It is a VERY laborious process, has to be accurate, and falls entirely on poor Larry Hart, now that I have done the writing and organization.  We hope to have everything ready to go within 3-4 days.  But if we fail, just keep checking back.  We are only three people.   Speaking of which:  We are making a list (which has grown recently!) of three kinds of volunteers -- people who want to teach the knit stitch or chain/single crochet  at tables in the atrium, people who want to spin or otherwise offer demos in the atrium, and people who want to do general volunteer duty.  Volunteers who do this kind of thing will earn a free box lunch on the day of service and free parking.  Send such offers of help to Ellen at 

An overview of workshops (to which we will be adding 2 or 3) can be found at the Third Coast link at our website,    Just click on the Workshops link when you reach Third Coast.  You can also read about instructors.  With this information, you at least can plan.     svb

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


The festival's general outlines are now posted at the website at the Third Coast link.  Use Chrome if you can -- it comes up more readily.  Click on the Third Coast link on main page.  Then click on Workshops.   Detailed information will be available by the 15th (this is a change).  In the meantime, you can at least see the lay of the land!     svb

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


For everyone:   We are in the midst of selecting workshops for the wondrous Third Coast Fiber Arts Festival (Oct. 18-19), and it will be maybe a week more before we're able to post the offerings.  So stay tuned.  This is a lot of work!!!!!!!!!!!!    Also, vendors are starting to line up -- so if you have in mind applying to be a marketplace vendor, don't postpone.  Space is limited (no more than 32), with all of the spaces above ground this time!!!  See the Third Coast link at       svb