Thursday, October 31, 2013

Developments at Artisan Knitworks LLC

.... and at the studio, we are creating an entire wall for Prism Yarns (!) as well as a special bin for Farmhouse Yarns, which we are discontinuing -- so quick come get some at 40% off.   Some of the Farmhouse yarns won't be sufficient for garments.  But all of them are great for accessories (think holiday gifts).  THE PRISM and TRENDSETTER YARN part of the recent trunk show continues for the rest of the week at 10% off.   We then will send part of it back to the companies this coming Monday.  So, for fullest selection, come into the shop pronto.    svb

Monday, October 28, 2013

Look at this Cute Little Thing!!!

Here is a really darling little something -- what is it exactly? -- that Sally Melville has created for all of us to make in any medium-to-chunky weight yarn we have at hand -- in five sizes, and in a choice of either seed stitch or garter.   I'm going to have a knit-along in the shop soon.   In the meantime get your copy from Ravelry!!!!!!!!  She is calling it "L'Enveloppe."  And, yes, that's only one sleeve!!!


Monday, October 21, 2013

Third Coast Fiber Arts Festival -- Thanks

My heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed to the success of the second annual Third Coast Fiber Arts Festival, just concluded in midtown Detroit.  The McGregor Center staff did a wonderful job -- participants had beaming faces -- the incredibly gifted instructors did their very best job.   The vendors, while fewer than last year, were uncommonly high quality, so shoppers were not in the least disappointed. 

We made a few mistakes, and we're not yet making money.  But the losses are manageable, and the mistakes could be remedied with more staff.  Fortunately, one sponsoring shop has volunteered to take over the vendor part of things, which would e a huge load removed (it's a lot of work to gather in all of the vendors, keep them informed, and situate them properly in the available space).  Last time, we had unhappy vendors on the garden level (they were certain they were being ignored, though we still think they were not).  So this time, we put everyone on the first floor -- only one person thought she was in a disadvantageous position, and I think we persuaded her to the contrary.  It's all a question of learning how to do things more effectively.

If you had a wonderful time, you could help us by saying so -- particularly in social media! In the meantime, I will be exploring (with another sponsoring shop) the possibility of transforming the festival into a 501C charitable entity.  At the outset, I had in mind generating enough money to offer fiber-arts scholarships at local institutions, but you need a profit to do that, and foundations can attract corporate sponsors.  That would take the financial load off of Artisan Knitworks.

If any of you have ideas as to how we can improve, etc., let me hear.  I'm also considering bigger facilities, though I will not be persuaded to move the festival to a remote  or outstate location.  It has to be very near the center city -- maybe something like the Dearborn Inn. Too much of what happens in Michigan is far away from Detroit!  And this festival, in the end, has to continue to be a celebration of the Detroit Metro area as well as the rest of the Third Coast. 


Monday, October 14, 2013

Get a load of THIS Canadian resident.....

I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS GUY.....!    From Quebec.     svb


In the shop right now is a massive Prism Yarn trunk show, complete with models!!!!  These are examples from Laura Bryant's newest book, Artful Color, Mindful Knits -- and the yarns are varied and glorious.   We are offering a ten percent pre-festival discount on all yarns in the trunk show and all other Prism yarns in the shop.  At the festival, the discount disappears.  We are also open today (Monday) to accommodate people who want to have the fullest possible choice.  '

Here are some amazing mitts made from Prism PLUME!        svb     

Sunday, October 13, 2013

THIRD COAST -- Last Call

If you intend to sign up for workshops at Third Coast Fiber Arts Festival, and especially if you mean to sign up for the wonderful Laura Bryant lecture/dinner event on Friday night, do it soon.  We will not be able to take MEAL reservations (including box lunches) after tomorrow.   Catering services have to have the order well in advance.  Workshops can be got right up to the morning of the festival, but some classes are FILLING.  ACT SOON.  I am not inventing this -- no point in being disappointed.  See my note of yesterday re: the underenrolled but fabulous Lily Chin crochet class.   And of course you can attend the marketplace, or just hang out in the atrium, with a modest market-only fee of five bucks, payable at the venue or on line.  For a MAP and other information (parking, etc.), visit the website:        svb

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Third Coast -- discounted Classes...

I have a couple of brilliant but low-enrolling classes at the Third Coast.   It has nothing at all to do with the quality, to say the least.  But I'd like to fill them with people who want to learn and/or can't afford full tuition.  Mind you, a whole lot of classes are in an altogether different situation -- no room at all, or almost none.  But -- believe it or not, Lily Chin's Crochet Hints and Tips workshop is nowhere near full.  Ditto, Judy Pascale's brilliant little workshop on Felted Blooms.  And then there is Sarah Peasley's essential course on gauge (Friday morning).  If you want to take any of these workshops (one per person), drop me a note at    You can write a check and have them for roughly half-price.  I don't want to bring in such good people and have groups too small to achieve critical mass.    The cost per workshop will be 30.00.  That's about a third of what you'd pay for exactly the same workshop by the same people at Vogue Live or Stitches.     svb

Friday, October 4, 2013

Birthday Bash and Lily Chin

Two important topics:   First, at Artisan Knitworks on Sunday after 12:00, we will be celebrating my SEVENTIETH birth anniversary -- HOW DID THAT HAPPEN???   Anyway:  There will be seventy cupcakes, numbered 1 thorugh 70.  For each cupcake that you wolf down on the scene, you get to put a slip in a box for a drawing -- the prize is a small brown handknitted lace shawl (Shetland, done by a knitter named Lynn Homan).  So get your butts on the road, everyone!!!  

Second, I am astonished, frankly, at the way people are signing up in droves (it's one away from being closed) for Lily Chin's brilliant Knitting Hints and Tips at Third Coast ( and NOT signing up for its crochet equivalent on Friday morning, which is totally brilliant, the usual amount of Lily Chin expertise and fun, and NOT just for crocheters.  If you have ever put a crocheted band on a knitted sweater, you shouldn't be passing up this one.  Last year people told me to have crochet classes.  I did.  I even got the world's TOP crocheter to offer one of them.  DO it!!!

 And by the way:  She is going to be leading a Speed Crochet contest at end of festival on Saturday.  She is also the world's fastest crocheter (an actual title).  That on top of the blindfolded KNITTING contest on Friday at noon, hosted by Candace Eisner-Strick and Judy Pascale. 


Thursday, October 3, 2013

Workshops at 3rd Coast.....

Five sections are almost if you have in mind taking one of our fabulous courses, I am seriously recommending that you act fairly quickly.   Not making this up, folks.   Don't miss the market-only registration and the box lunches and Laura Bryant's lecture at the Friday dinner.  Go to -- parking is a half-block from the Conference Center and costs about 6 bucks for one entrance and exit.   Safe, easy, close by.  Details will be sent by e-mail to everyone.