Sunday, October 11, 2015


.....Recently, Larry and I drove to the Blue Dress Barn, an interesting old structure near Benton Harbor, Michigan-- drove to Kalamazoo, MI, on Saturday, then made the short hop to Lake Michigan on Sunday morning.   The grounds are lovely -- a delightful jumble/jungle of poorly kept and therefore very inviting shrubs, grass, flower beds, etc.   The event?   My fabulous nephew, Nicholas VanBurkleo, married Abby, now also VanBurkleo, so now they get to be happy forever after, and I think they really WILL be.   Here is the gorgeous duo:

.....also recently, I got through the nightmare of poor copy-editing and a host of other problems -- and then finished the index, which was genuinely exhausting......with luck, Cambridge U Press will actually publish my new book, Gender Remade..., on schedule....November 30 or so.  Once it's in hand, maybe I should get drunk for the first time in my life.  

.....and finally, here is a retro turban and cowl that I cooked up out of triangles.   Probably a bit TOO retro for most people.   But Sharon and I like it anyway.....out of Schoppel wool, Reggae Ombre.

and finally finally finally, here is an outrageous crocheted boa that I made yesterday out of Hairy Lala (yes, that's the right name) -- ENJOY.