Saturday, January 1, 2011

How NOT to ring in the New Year....!

What a joke!  Last night at midnight, when literally everyone in the world was toasting the New Year, where do you suppose I was?    You guessed it:   at the computer, completing a course syllabus and sending the draft around to a whole bunch of no-doubt-sotted students.   I need to get a life.   So over the next week, I'm going to be thinking about 2011, what it ought to contain -- what kinds of things we have the power to control, which things we simply have to do, etc. -- and I'll make report.  I was reminded yesterday, when a wonderful woman named Linda came into the studio after months of valiantly battling a fairly serious form of cancer, that the fiber arts really ARE life-giving.  She is switching gears, away from marketing and her former occupation, to art history, tapestry preservation/restoration, and classes at a great local university.  She is knitting up a storm.  So let's think about Linda right now, and all of the Lindas of the world, who confront disaster and decide to grab hold of it, transform it into a triumph.  Every one of us needs to find a way to do that in our own lives, with our own disasters, large and small, and use fiber arts as an ally in our own recovery from the ravages of the modern world.    Love to everyone, and of course happy new year.    svb

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