Monday, April 18, 2011


It SNOWED, for god's sake....!!!!  When I lived in Minnesota, this would have been more or less normal.  But this is Michigan.  It snowed on April 18th!  My poor Mesopotamian sheep (concrete, sitting on the front steps) shivered his way through the day.  And the poor trees -- still naked, after all, from winter but daring to run some sap -- and then, POW.  And the DAFFODILS, their green leaves taller by the day....God help us all.  Here is evidence:

.... I hasten to add that all of it disappeared within about 6 hours.  But, while it lasted, the colors and contrasts were amazing.  Don't miss the dash of red against black and white provided by the Japanese maple (center stage in the 2nd photo, and directly above, stage right!).    I have faith that spring will actually come.  In the meantime, we find beauty where we can -- as with pristine puffs of snow over the back of a concrete ram (yes, ram -- look at those horns!). 


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