Sunday, May 15, 2011

WHERE is spring?

Spring is missing in action.  Today, after a couple of tantalizing warm days, it's pouring very cold rain, the flowers are exposed as complete fools for having trusted in the whole proposition, the PROMISE.... even Lake St Clair was visibly annoyed, butting dozens of heads of gray-green hair tipped with gray against the if angry or hideously frustrated ........I don't suppose it's easy being a big wide spot in a river, stuck in the same gigantic tub for your entire life.  Sooner or later, you'd want to lash out, wouldn't you?  And what better excuse than a rain storm?

In a week, Sally Melville comes to town, and the classes are almost full, which will be very good for everyone concerned -- us, our clients, Sally, the people who come to the reception.  I have also learned that my dear Jean Frost has not been entirely well -- so I hope the book comes out without incident (it will make her very proud and happy), as it's scheduled to do on June 3, and that we can lure her back to Michigan.  She claims still to be interested in a workshop using Michigan yarns.  In two weeks, I'll drive to the Wooster, Ohio, fiber festival, which is actually one of my favorites, and not only because of the incredible Viennese coffee shop and bakery on main street.      svb

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