Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Allegan Fair, continued!!!!!

As promised, I have some images of the annual Michigan Fiber Festival at Allegan -- though, because I'm the photographer, they're not exactly elegant.  It's a wonderful event -- one of the best middle-sized fiber expos in the nation -- though, lately, I confess that I think the very best fiber festivals are the smallest ones, as with the wee gaggle of vendors at Sandhill Crane Winery a few weeks ago.  Has to do with table costs (lower!), and so the newest artisans can actually afford to attend, often for the first time -- so I get to see them at the outset, before they've actually gone big-time.  I also get to follow them over time to see if and how they develop! 

But Allegan is a good, good show.....Here are some indoor and outdoor scenes:

...and here is Lois about to SIN ......

.... and here is HUMPHREY the Camel (I have  never been this up-close-and-personal with a camel! 

  ....and, finally, here are the lovely people from Mohair in Motion, from whom I bought oodles of holiday-ready mohair with glitz -- shawls, shawls, shawls!!!!

More sometime soon.....time to get to work!     svb

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