Saturday, December 24, 2011

I-Phone Covers I got a new Android Scary Telephone -- it actually responds to voice commands, which is uttery terrifying -- and decided that it needed a simple cover to protect the screen.  Here is (roughly) what you do (I made five of them so far to sell in the studio):   To make front, wIth a size G hook and DK-weight cotton (or rayon ribbon) yarn, chain 15 +1 to turn.  I used a cool variegated cotton by Gedifra for most of them and a true blue Karabella rayon ribbon (with acrylic 'beads') for one of them.  You need about 90 yards.  Work about 24-26 rows in SC, ending with a WS row.  The number of rows depends on the size of the intended telephone -- you might want to check against the actual instrument.  My Samsung Galaxy S (i.e., the spaceship phone) with plastic back-case attached required 26 rows in the DK cotton and 24 rows in the slightly more rigid rayon ribbon.  Fasten off.   For back and foldover flap:  Repeat the exercise for the front until you have completed the 24-26 rows.  Work 2 more rows even (fto give the flap you're about to make an opportunity to fold over the front of phone).  Then, on RS rows, decrease one stitch at each side of the flap (which will emerge, as if by magic), working even in SC on the WS rows, until you have about 5 sts left, ending with WS row.  (To decrease, pull up loops in the next two sts, YO, pull through all 3 loops, work to the last 2 sts, pull up loops in 2 sts, YO, pull through all 3 loops).  When done, chain 7 or so for a button loop; It should arc slightly over the 5 remaining sts.  Anchor the chains at the far side of the button hole area to form loop; work back over the chains with slip stitch (to strengthen loop); securely attach at the point of origin (slip st deeply into the appropriate SC).  Now, place WS's of the two pieces together, pinning if necessary at the 4 corners.  For DK cotton and other smooth yarns, work a row of SC all around the body (3 sides, excluding the flap) with 3 sc's at the two corners.  I wouldn't use a contrasting yarn because, with simple SC edging, the wrong side is actually less attractive than the right side.  For textural ribbons and other unsmooth yarns, you can 'sew' 1 st in from the 3 sides with a simple slip st.  Darn in all ends, working a couple of whip stitches at flap end to better secure the points about to be subjected to lots of stress.  Put phone (or a phone-sized object) into the cover, close flap, and mark the location of button with a T-pin.  Sew on the button (you probaby will have to fold the body of the case back to do this).  Pick one that has some size and glitz -- at least .75 inches.  I chose even bigger ones.   Fun, huh?  Also easy.  It's all in the yarn and button choice.  You can do the same, of course, for low-tech cell phones -- just chain only 8-9 sts (use your phone as a model) plus 1 to turn and GO.  Variations:  Depending on yarn, you of course can vary the st pattern, use a crab stitch or picot edging, make stripes -- on and on.

You could, of course, do the whole thing in the round and simply work the flap upward, once the body tube is done.  But I wanted a flat case, one that wouldn't be tempted to roll around.

Or you could just buy one in the studio for a mere $19.50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   smiling

Happy Christmas Eve!    svb

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