Saturday, June 16, 2012

Third Coast Fiber Arts Festival -- Yarn Bombing!

As mentioned in an earlier entry, we're going to be staging a yarn bombing about two weeks before the actual event, coinciding roughly with the start of the semester at the university.  At Artisan Knitworks, we plan on holding maybe three long evenings in which people can bring in their leftover yarns, big needles and hooks, and have pizza or some such thing (we'll buy) while cooking up LOOOOONG, nutsy strips of wooliness.  They can change width, have big holes or fringe, be wild.  You can do the same thing in your respective knitting or crochet groups, of course.  I ask only that (a) you tell me you are doing it so I have some idea of what's afoot -- drop a note at, and (b) you make most of them more or less in shapes than can be used in winter for scarves.  I am going to invite people who don't have any money to take them down after the festival and use them to keep warm.   We'll attach a card to each one when we do the bombing.  Might decide to take 'em down myself, wash 'em, and give to a shelter.  I do think it's important to really cut loose -- make things that are completely nuts!  Thick.  Colorful.

So -- knit and crochet away.  We have lots of yarn in our so-called Stash that would be suitable.  If you are buying it for the boming, we will have a discount for the Stash yarns (maybe 2 for the price of 1)-- we will trust you on the whole point of what it's used for.   It might get rained on, so make sure it isn't really high-quality stuff.  All wool is washable, of course -- think about all of those sheep standing out there on bucolic Scottish hillsides.  It rains in Scotland.  But it doesn't make sense to subject the best-quality stuff to the elements.  I will say more when our studio sessions approach.   In the meantime:  Be sure to look at the website ( for the list of festival workshops.  The vendor applications are still coming in, but soon I'll have to cut them off -- we will be out of room.   Cheers!    I hope to be able to go to Grayslake, Illinois, this coming weekend for the Midwest Fiber and Folk Arts Festival.


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