Saturday, April 27, 2013

Off to KENTUCKE!!!!!

(That's what they  used to call Kentucky in the early 19th century, which is when I mostly understand the world....).   I'm off to Charlestown, Indiana, which is really a northern burb of Louisville, Kentucky.  This is a kind of homecoming:  I haven't been near Louisville, really, since finishing my now-ancient Ph.D. dissertation in the late 1980s.   (Am I really THAT old?).  This is the third annual Indiana Fiber and Music Festival.   Mostly I just want to take a drive.  I have grading to do, and THE best place to grade essay exams is a motel room, where you are more or less captive.  Powhatan, Virginia, was simply too far, and I don't feel like hassling with customs today (there are TWO wonderful events at this very moment in Toronto -- the Creativ exposition, and the Toronto Knitting Guild's annual Frolic).  So Indiana it is.  I will bring home an array of photographs, and probably some yarn, buttons, etc........!   svb

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