Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Third Coast -- New Workshops!!!

Blare of trumpets:   We have added two new classes to the Third Coast Fiber Arts Festival offerings -- they will be in place before the day is over........See Sarah Peasley's really really really wonderful new offering -- "Take Time to Save Time" -- which, believe it or not, is about GAUGE and the many ways in which a person can deal effectively with the problems it presents.   Then there is a brand new Candace Eisner Strick offering -- "Knitting Backwards" -- which is one of the most useful skills a knitter can have.  Think entrelac -- think edgings.  And, yes, this is about knitting without having to turn when you get to the end of rows.   AMAZING.   Sign up, everyone.   And don't miss Lily Chin's fabulous workshops -- four of them!!!!     svb

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