Friday, May 9, 2014

Mom's Day!!!!!!!!!

Hey, here's an idea.   If you have a mom who knits or crochets or dyes or spins, or might want to learn how to do any of these things, why not march into your favorite local yarn shop and buy a nice gift certificate for Mother's Day?   (Indeed, if you have a creative dad, do the same thing for Father's Day).   You'll have a very happy mom (or dad).  And you will help your local yarn shops stay in the business of selling all of the things you need to continue your favorite craft.  Summer is a tough time for small businesses that deal in wool -- it's true every year.   There is almost always a big, almost audible crash by May 1.  So go to your fave and buy a certificate for you-know-who!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can even buy a certificate for classes at most shops, including at Artisan Knitworks.  Happy rainy days -- let's hope that someday soon, we will have two days in a row that are not wet or cold!!!!!    svb

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