Sunday, January 18, 2015

Crochet Doodling....!

What a joyous time I had this past weekend with members of the Textile and Fiber Arts Guild of Michigan at a two day workshop in which I got to talk about free-form crochet in several forms for endless, blissful hours and watch people create really spectacular little pieces!   Some were architectural or hyperbolic -- others were simply little flights of whimsy.   I have been getting little notes of appreciation, so I must have done something right.   But, mostly, the participants made success possible with their energy and imagination.   What a crew!!!!!!!!!!   Here is a little bit of a neck warmer that I did up for the occasion......has a fat turquoise button that fits into virtually any of the major holes in the piece.   Anybody with basic crochet skills can do this.   I'm doing it again, though in an introductory way at Knit Michigan next month -- morning class.  In the afternoon I'll have another go (again introductory) at free-form knitting.    Here's my fun little neckwarmer (in Noro Silk Garden):

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