Thursday, April 30, 2015

OFF TO BALMORE, as they say in Baltimore....

Well, sometime in the morning I'm driving off to West Friendship, MD, which is maybe 25 miles to the west of Balmore.......yup, that's how it's said.  The Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival is held annually at the Howard County Fairgrounds in, well, Howard County.....gorgeous rural area, lots and lots and lots of fascinating fiber artisans, thousands of visitors, tons of handcrafted yarn and roving and buttons and so on.   I am dying to see old friends.  I have not been back to the Maryland festival, which is one of the two biggest (the other is NY's festival in the autumn) for three years, and it's time.   Stay tuned.   I get to drive through SPRING again -- here, the leaves are barely showing; as I move toward Maryland, spring will HAPPEN.  There will be baby green, then real leaves and flowers.  I can hardly wait.   I will take picture.    svb

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