Thursday, February 25, 2016

What to do when you can't breathe....

So WHAT if I can't breathe or swallow or even think?  So WHAT if I had a flu shot and it apparently mattered not a whit?   So WHAT if I can't grade papers (the job requires a brain).  One can knit.  So here is the start of a vee-shaped shawl -- I'm working on the left side now -- think diamonds, with the diamond seen here at the lowest point being the bottom point.  The outer edges will also be edged in gray.  Liberty Wool is one of my favorites -- the paints look so water-colory.  These is two colorways (Moss and Middle Earth) with gray edges.  So far, two balls of the paint and about half a ball of gray.  There will be a workshop if you want to make this shawl or a smaller version (scarf).   See the spring schedule -- should I not expire from this g___d___ virus.   No I do NOT swear.

For some reason, I've lost maybe ten readers on the blog -- guess I'd better try to post a bit more -- though I won't be able to do it in a predictable way until the idiotic term is over at WSU!!!!   


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