Tuesday, April 12, 2016

and another note re: my day job....

....and let me note briefly, though it's not a minor deal to me, that I have been promoted to Full Professor -- in the wake of Cambridge's publication of new book, but of course it has to do with decades of work, so the book was icing on the cake, so to speak.  That's it.   This blog is supposed to be about both parts of life.   To celebrate, Larry and I took to the road (!) and bought an enormous pizza at Antonio's in Farmington Hills.  (Well, we were on the road for maybe ten minutes).   Before that, by the way, we had gone into Cortina's in Farmington which Larry had seen as he drove down 11 Mile Road.....  We should have asked to see a menu, which they didn't produce until AFTER they served us water and a basket of so-so bread.   A plate of spaghetti with a very fancy name was 54.00 -- appetizers started at 20 dollars.   We simply walked out (5 bucks on the table).   What a damned outrage.  Antonio's is great, complete with kitschy pseudo-Italian art and a really really really wonderful staff.   Huzzah to me.   It's been a long, trying, wonderful life.    svb

PS  Don't miss the long KNIVES the women are wielding..........these are cannery workers.  You don't mess with 'em.

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