Tuesday, June 8, 2010


[Here's part of the Cummington [MA] fairgrounds, the buildings that housed the Mass. Sheep and Wool Festival; a slightly loopy llama; Linda, from whom I bought 200-year-old roof slates made into coasters; and some stunning hand-painted yarn; and a smiling Merino sheep, plainly amused by the entire proceeding.]

Do you gather that I'm RUSHING? I am BEHIND -- need to finish the fourth garment for the TKGA design schtick before end of day today, and I've not yet done the sleeves. Fortunately, it's a VERY thick and cushy knit, so I have some chance of managing it. Trendsetter Dune and Tonalita knitted together........stunning hot pink halo with multiple 'pop' colors rising up from the second, smooth strand. But while I'm resting the right hand, which gets immensely tired these days after hours of knitting, I want to try to download some more photographs. I can't seem to get them into the text at certain junctures, so I'll just post them up front. And now back to the sleeves. svb

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