Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tis the Season...

...for fiber festivals! Here is a shot, admittedly amateur, of some of us (Melissa Craig, for one!) at the Michigan Fiber Festival lin the recent past.....and probably we'll do it again this year as a collectivity. The festival is at Allegan, on the western shore........I hope all of you think of Michigan as The Third Coast, a state bounded by water. Once there was a marvelous place called the Third Coast Bookstore in Grosse Pointe. First, they got a ticket (!) from the police department for daring to have a sale book stand on the sidewalk. Then, they went out of business in the face of Big Box Stores. Sigh. But they had a wonderful name, and I still miss their wonderful books. I once thought of starting a book review, in fact, and calling it either the Third Coast Review or the Northernmost Review of Books. Never did it obviously. Anyway: the festival season will feature a number of jaunts, long and short -- from northern Ohio and Indiana (and Allegan and Charlevoix and North Branch and Romeo in Michigan) to places remote from here (Taos, Manchester, Eugene). More soon. I only did this to put everyone on alert.

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