Wednesday, July 14, 2010

and here is what it looked like....!

Larry caught some cool shots of our big messy booth at the Manchester show......and some other things. As I look at these, I smile all over again.....All those happy women grabbing skeins of yarn -- as if there would never be yarn again. It was especially true at the Noro bin, where we had a lot of discontinued Noro stuff at a steep discount. A feeding frenzy....often at the expense of some of the truly gorgeous, hand-made stuff in the rest of the booth. Saturday wasn't as frenzied as Friday had been, which actually surprised me....but, on Friday especially, it was a lot like the shark tank at the San Diego aquarium just after the keepers toss in some fish.
Also have a look at some of our utterly ravishing vintage buttons, our new friends who publish a great yarn shop travel guide, and of course the King Arthur bakery store in Norwich, Vermont, which I sought out at great personal cost. Larry and Katherine (his daughter) almost stopped speaking to me. I would drive a block or two, then abruptly turn my big big big mini-van around in the middle of the street, in the middle of a parking lot, in the middle of a vacant lot, and so on. They were following me. I had to FIND it, after all. Katherine told me later that Larry was (to put it politely) deeply puzzled. He said he thought I might be drunk. BUT. I found it!!!! To mystified viewers: King Arthur makes THE best flour and bakery products in the world. I bought the King Arthur bread book and of course a nonfat latte -- Katherine bought a maple-syrup-filled smiley glass bear. See their website.
I see that the Crochet Guild of America has now posted the 2010 design contest winners (I still can't believe I won prizes in both knitting and crochet...), so go have a look. Mine is called "Corktown," after the wondrous Chicano-Boriqua neighborhood in Detroit. I assume that the Knitting Guild will do much the same thing one of these days -- haven't checked. The first class and grand prize winners are really fun to study -- especially the wedding gown crocheted in Japanese silk, complete with elaborate train. Nobody did that for ME when I ran off to Nevada a couple of years ago. What neglect.....! svb

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