Sunday, July 18, 2010


The final part -- and what fun this has been:

HERE ARE SOME PEOPLE -- by no means all, just a handful:

First: The smilingly gifted maker of some of the most beautiful Blueface Leicester yarn I've ever seen, from Bellingham, Washington-- Scarlet Tang. Brand is Huckleberry!

Second: The two owners of the Frontier Fiber Mill in Indiana -- makers of utterly ravishing alpaca yarn, and a new alpaca-merino blend that I trust will walk off of the shelves. I don't know of a finer small American mill than this one. Their yarn is drop-dead gorgeous., and they remember who people are from year to year! Even after three years.

Third: A lovely woman who beads shawl sticks. I bought every one of them. GREEDY.

Fourth: One of my all-time favorite people, Kim Leach, who is another frighteningly gifted hand-dyer. The brand is Happy Hands. She makes a sock yarn called Toe Jams (!) that actually DOES walk off of the shelves. But that's not all. Kim is just a wonderful human being -- about three feet tall in her stocking feet (!!!!) and sweet as sugar cane. Look her up.

Fifth: The owner of Ursula's Alcove, who makes really FINE vegetable-dyed knitting yarns. I bought more than I can sell (people don't really know what they have when they see yarns like this, and typically they're not brightly colored, so they sell very slowly -- but they are SO kind to the skin, and SO good for the planet). Her name isn't really Ursula. She does Renaissance fairs, and so...........Ursula.

That's it, folks, as Daffy Duck used to say. Or was it Bugs Bunny? Hugs all around. svb

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