Saturday, June 4, 2011

JUNE FEST, plus more Sally photos....

Today is June Fest in St Clair Shores, on which day, and if it doesn't rain, the main drag in the town is shut down and all of the merchants set up tables, hand out samples, mutate into circus hawkers.  Two of our friends have agreed to sit in front of our two tables and show everyone how to spin -- Larry plans to hand out coupons by the hundreds -- and, most important, we will meet lots of new, good people.  That's the real joy, isn't it, of having this enterprise.  Also today, some more new acquaintances will come into the place to learn how to knit.  This is community building at its best -- but it's also a healing community.  That's perhaps my favorite part, and the thing that keeps me going, even when revenues drop in summer -- even when people don't want to learn how to make seams!

And while I'm at it:  Here are some more of those clients/friends at Sally's recent workshops.  Look at the absorption, the determination to learn, in these beautiful faces.  I'd like to see more of this kind of thing in my university classrooms!

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