Thursday, June 2, 2011

Riin Gill Visit......!

When my two wonderful beginning knit-crochet people came last evening, they found ---PILES AND PILES of utterly gorgeous yarn and roving and combed top........Riin Gill (who makes and sells Happy Fuzzy Yarn) had arrived!  Riin is an up-and-coming Michigan fiber artist, a dyer and spinner, expanding her stock and colorways and fiber offerings steadily and brilliantly.  She brought us some of the prettiest and most ARTFUL hand-painted Tencel I've seen in a very long time, truly painterly, and in colors that are both engaging and unpredictable.  I do so look forward to seeing where Riin goes -- each time I see her, she has done something new and adventursome.  Sometimes, hand-painters are content to do the same thing, year after year.  It's at that point, I confess, that I stop watching them develop -- because they aren't developing anymore.  Not this young woman.  Two of the skeins walked off the premises before she had pulled out of the parking lot.  The only problem I see right now is that she is still not making more than about ten skeins in a single, reliably similar colorway.  But never mind.  That's better than the four she used to do.   She works in turkey roasters in her basement!!!

NOTE, please, if you are a client, that Riin will return for a trunk show on July 16 from noon to 6:00.  This is a rare opportunity -- you get to buy MICHIGAN (she lives in Ann Arbor) and you get to buy GORGEOUSLY, all in one stop.   She will have yarns (including some handspun) and fiber suitable for spinning or needle-felting.  They will dazzle you.    They certainly dazzle ME!      svb

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