Monday, October 17, 2011

On to Asheville...

.......And so, this coming Thursday morning, as bright and early as I ever manage (NOT), Larry and I will climb into a rental car and meander south through Ohio and other foreign lands toward Asheville, North Carolina.  Along the way, we will visit wondrous antique shops in search of (what else?) vintage buttons, maybe some delightful old jewelry.  (We all have words we think look funny -- is it jewelery or jewelry?  Here I am, the winner of the 8th-grade Minnesota state spelling contest, unable to spell jewelry/jewelery).  I have made a reservation at a Ramada Inn near the Southeast fiber festival -- actually in Fletcher, NC -- which is immediately across the street from the Asheville airport.  I flew last time.  But then you have the problem of figuring out how to get the TON of yarn you inevitably buy back home (Fed Ex and UPS are remarkably hard to find on Sundays!!!).  So -- this time, a car, with my sidekick Larry.   I'm secretly trying to get him the h___ out of the shop for a few days.  He really needs to get at least within a few yards of a golf course now and again.  I wonder if he realizes quite yet that I am going to put his clubs in the car?  More later when I actually have something to say.


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