Saturday, October 8, 2011

O Loyal Readers....

Dear loyal people, I have been silent because I have exams to grade (ARRRGHHH) and nothing, really, to report beyond the gorgeous fact of sailboat races on Lake St Claire, the ugly fact of virtually no yarn business (the warm weather), and the strange fact that, at this very moment, some idiot is firing off some firecrackers or rockets in my block.  I wonder what on earth is going on?  Do we shoot rockets on Columbus Day???  And in any case, it's tomorrow.  I will write more when I have something to say.  You do NOT want to hear about the schmo-like toy that I'm making from white string (Larry gave me a ball, having no idea that giving me a ball of something knittable or crochetable is like Coke to an addict).  More later.   svb


  1. Sandra,
    You are so funny a shot of fresh air for this fiber artist. Last year Larry and I called you on the phone in route to New York Rinebeck Wool Show and you brought me back tons of merino which I bought all (what a greedy little fiber felt artist I am)..anyhow are you going back this year? And would you like a rider to come along..just got laid off work and this would be a good time to get out of town while licking my wounds of unemployment. 313-721-4642... sheila p

  2. aYES, i vividly remember. Come back!!! svb