Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Back Again!

Sorry for SUCH a long wait for another entry -- or two in this case.   First,  let's have a look at Knit Michigan.   Every year, a number of Michigan shops gather in a Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, school for a charitable event called Knit Michigan.....This year, I offered a couple of classes -- one of them involved making knitted and crocheted flowers, and it was immensely fun.  We made a huge pile of yarn in the middle of the table and, working from my overlong handout, just lit into it and made some blooms, which is a lovely thing to do on a February day in Michigan.   In the market area, I caught some quick snaps of good friends -- among them, Joanne Cole, one of my favorite yarn company reps:
....and then there was Deanna Van Asche, who does the most amazing vintage-style beading (on the left, with the beautiful necklaces):

......and of course our great, great friend Sybil Williams, who's seated just to the left of center in a shawl that she started and finished in one of our Knit-Togethers:
....and finally, a spinner whose name I didn't learn, but who epitomizes the event's ecumenical spirit:

....and now let me move on to a description of my recent trip to Pittsburg.   See next entry!!!!    svb

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