Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Season Approaches.....!

Do NOT FAIL to sign up for Candace Eisner-Strick's incredibly useful, ENTERTAINING workshops on the docket at Artisan Knitworks in mid-April.   Call 586-871-2884.  You will be a better knitter for it -- that much I can guarantee.

Also -- very soon, I'll be renting cute little Enterprise cars more and more often -- the poor VW Bug is getting old, creaky, like the rest of us.....and driving off to various fiber-related events, some of them quite small.   But that's where the new producers can be found -- testing their wings, toes in the water, whatever metaphor you prefer.  In Portland, Indiana, for instance, there is something called the Jay County Fiber Festival (March 8-10), which occurs on the eve of my spring-break trip to Minnesota to visit family and good friends..........might consider folding that one into the Minnesota trip.  The Great Smoky Mountain Fiber Arts Festival is held a week later in Tennessee -- I don't think Larry and I will go this year (it was small, and while the scenery was gorgeous, overall the 'take' wasn't sufficient to justify costs).  But then there is the March 24 all-day Festival held by the Black Swamp Spinning Guild in Bowling Green, OH, which is a must -- LOTS of high-quality yarn and roving, plus some good friends to squeeze.  That may be the formal opening of the fiber fest season for me.   More later!


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