Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Festival Season!

Most years, I open the fiber festival season with a quick trip to one of the first -- the Greencastle Fiber Event in Greencastle, Indiana -- which permits me to drive through pretty, pretty countryside near Greencastle (we will ignore the ugly, ugly, endless freeways that get me there).  This year, though, Greencastle begins the very weekend my semester at WSU ends.  So I am going to take the occasion for a long, slow decompression -- and head on down to Townsend, Tennessee, after I spend a half-day or so at Greencastle.  There's another fiber festival the same weekend!  And I've never been to the Tennessee one -- it's newer than Greencastle and has a nice vendor list, some of which I've never heard of....that's always a sign that I should attend.   So -- I will take pictures.  It's the weekend of April 19-20 -- maybe it will stop snowing by then (????).    svb

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