Thursday, March 14, 2013

Third Coast Registrations

We are receiving a barrage of phone calls about workshop registrations.   So:   Tell everyone that we are aiming at May 1.   It could be earlier.  We are in the process of constructing a brand new website for both vendor and registration purposes.   If we open registration before then, I will let you know!!

This year, we will introduce some (a few) needlepoint classes and some needlepoint vendors!

Added good news:   We now proudly tell everyone that we have garnered a number of great, great sponsors -- among them, Skacel-Addi, Stonehedge Fiber Mill, Trendsetter Yarns, Prism Yarns, Crystal Palace, XRX Corporation-Knitters Magazine, Woven Art of East Lansing, Soak, Strickwear, Happy Fuzzy Yarns, and a range of Metro Detroit yarn shops including The Knotted Needle, Wool and the Floss, Crafty Lady Trio, Sweet Pea, and so on.   Thanks, everyone -- and the list will probably grow a bit longer.     WHOOHOO      svb

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