Sunday, May 12, 2013

Third Coast Festival Update

Everyone, we are in the process of  making the festival's workshop schedule final and putting it on line.  It is a VERY laborious process, has to be accurate, and falls entirely on poor Larry Hart, now that I have done the writing and organization.  We hope to have everything ready to go within 3-4 days.  But if we fail, just keep checking back.  We are only three people.   Speaking of which:  We are making a list (which has grown recently!) of three kinds of volunteers -- people who want to teach the knit stitch or chain/single crochet  at tables in the atrium, people who want to spin or otherwise offer demos in the atrium, and people who want to do general volunteer duty.  Volunteers who do this kind of thing will earn a free box lunch on the day of service and free parking.  Send such offers of help to Ellen at 

An overview of workshops (to which we will be adding 2 or 3) can be found at the Third Coast link at our website,    Just click on the Workshops link when you reach Third Coast.  You can also read about instructors.  With this information, you at least can plan.     svb

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