Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Third Coast -- discounted Classes...

I have a couple of brilliant but low-enrolling classes at the Third Coast.   It has nothing at all to do with the quality, to say the least.  But I'd like to fill them with people who want to learn and/or can't afford full tuition.  Mind you, a whole lot of classes are in an altogether different situation -- no room at all, or almost none.  But -- believe it or not, Lily Chin's Crochet Hints and Tips workshop is nowhere near full.  Ditto, Judy Pascale's brilliant little workshop on Felted Blooms.  And then there is Sarah Peasley's essential course on gauge (Friday morning).  If you want to take any of these workshops (one per person), drop me a note at    You can write a check and have them for roughly half-price.  I don't want to bring in such good people and have groups too small to achieve critical mass.    The cost per workshop will be 30.00.  That's about a third of what you'd pay for exactly the same workshop by the same people at Vogue Live or Stitches.     svb

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