Friday, October 4, 2013

Birthday Bash and Lily Chin

Two important topics:   First, at Artisan Knitworks on Sunday after 12:00, we will be celebrating my SEVENTIETH birth anniversary -- HOW DID THAT HAPPEN???   Anyway:  There will be seventy cupcakes, numbered 1 thorugh 70.  For each cupcake that you wolf down on the scene, you get to put a slip in a box for a drawing -- the prize is a small brown handknitted lace shawl (Shetland, done by a knitter named Lynn Homan).  So get your butts on the road, everyone!!!  

Second, I am astonished, frankly, at the way people are signing up in droves (it's one away from being closed) for Lily Chin's brilliant Knitting Hints and Tips at Third Coast ( and NOT signing up for its crochet equivalent on Friday morning, which is totally brilliant, the usual amount of Lily Chin expertise and fun, and NOT just for crocheters.  If you have ever put a crocheted band on a knitted sweater, you shouldn't be passing up this one.  Last year people told me to have crochet classes.  I did.  I even got the world's TOP crocheter to offer one of them.  DO it!!!

 And by the way:  She is going to be leading a Speed Crochet contest at end of festival on Saturday.  She is also the world's fastest crocheter (an actual title).  That on top of the blindfolded KNITTING contest on Friday at noon, hosted by Candace Eisner-Strick and Judy Pascale. 


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