Friday, June 13, 2014

Join us at Artisan Knitworks on June 19 and 26 (Thursdays) at about 6:30 until 8:30 for the first of several crochet-alongs.  The object of our attention will be Sandra's "Madrid Shawl."  This is an easy garment -- yarn is a variegated wool-silk blend by Noro, though you can use any DK or sport-weight yarn.  We ask only that you buy it from us.  You get a pattern pamphlet too!   We can adjust the width and length to suit your body size and height.  

Do call the shop and reserve a spot (248-427-0804) or register on-line at  If your crochet is rusty, stop by early -- we can run you through chaining and single crochet.  I will teach you the double crochet if you don't know how -- and I'll help you with the little puffs along the edge as well.   FUN!    svb


  1. July 19th and 26th are Saturdays. Did you mean June 19th and 26th?

  2. I meant June!!!! Eeek. Who's tired? Not me........... svb