Monday, June 30, 2014

Sales and Books and Stuff

Guys, I have been really negligent with this blog -- not because I don't enjoy it (I DO!) but because I am in the throes, the final, awful throes, of book completion.  The book contract is signed and sent back to Cambridge U Press, and now I have to really finish it (AGGGGHHH), which means getting the last 50 pages in order, consolidating 2,000+ footnotes (I'm not kidding), and drafting a decent conclusion to replace the dribs and drabs now in the file.  So.  I'm SO sorry, I WILL get back to it, and not too long from now.  I should have been finished last week.

In the meantime, we have the gorgeous Prism trunk show in the shop for a few more days only (until the 4th or 5th), and the final final final days of our what-fun-it-is Summer Treasure Hunt -- we need to GET RID of yarn that has been in the shop for too long.  The space is full, if you can believe it, and we need to buy some new stock.  So we are inviting you to SEARCH for inventory numbers between 0 and 600 (half off!) and 600 to 999 (30% off). 

The inventory numbers can be found on each skein --    10-00599, for instance.  (In this case, the inventory number is 599).  There are lots of these older skeins, some of them handcrafted. 

Come help us out.  I'd really like to get rid of some of those gorgeous hand-painted sock skeins, just as you come in the shop on the left -- maybe Naomi Frankel's students (on the 9th, there is sock class!) should snap them up.  I can't justify buying more of those wonderful onesies at fiber festivals until the ones we have walk out the door.

Adios!      svb

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