Monday, October 27, 2014

HATS HATS HATS ('tis the season)

....and now I'm in Holiday Mode.   I am turning to my annual  hat-knitting and hat-crocheting binge, which typically yields a couple of dozen hats, to be deposited in the shop when I'm all done, probably by about November 10.  It's wonderful fun.  I gather up my 16-inch circular needles in an array of sizes beginning with about size 9, ending with 15 -- some double-points -- and piles of yarn of many descriptions, usually stray balls.   I love combining strands -- right now, I'm knitting a strand of variegated Liberty Wool with another, thicker variegated wool, both of which share orange and not much else.  The fabric is wonderful -- size 11 for some 3/3 ribbing, then some expansion (bigger needle, 6 additional stitches) and I'll go until I think it's done.  Made two other hats earlier today, one with an I-cord pigtail, from a skein of Gina Chunky, another one from a very old ball of Aracaunia Lamari, which is a lot like knitting with woolen clothes line.  But the result is surprisingly attractive.  Has a simple stockinette roll at the edge, then several rounds of seed, which form HUGE surface bumps, and the rest a simple cloche.  On Friday, I'll go raid the yarn room in the basement -- gather up a couple of dozen stray balls of different textures and colors and haul them all to the shop so that I can keep it up on Saturday and Sunday.  I also want to make a couple of side-to-side crochet hats of multiple yarns with loose fringe tops.   If anyone wants to make hats, I'll be there in the afternoon both days! Bring baskets of wool.     svb

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