Thursday, January 21, 2016

Kid's Sweater???

Larry took a picture of the colorful pieces and yarn balls on my footstool -- "It's PRETTY," he said -- so I'm going to pass it along.  

What is it, you ask?  We'll see.   The wee little pictures next to the aqua-blue wool suggest a wee little kid's sweater (in worsted-weight wool) with an orange diamond in the center, front and back.  Garter ridges run horizontally in the central diamonds.  Reddish edges and seams, all picked up from pieces as I go.  Blue and yellow triangles at the corners and then (I don't yet know the color arrangement) on sleeves, with some more orange and deep red lines, probably in cuffs.   There will be an opening in the front at the top edges of the orange triangle with some durable bow-ties -- or buttons?  We'll see.  The pattern will be written in 18" or 20" chest size upward in two-inch increments.  I am in the process (under yellow cake) of trying to shape a front neckline.  If you're really keen-eyed, and especially if you tap on the picture, you'll see another adult sweater -- a modular-square cardigan tunic -- that's about half done, under the tool kit.  Sleeve has been modified in another drawing.  And the super-keen eyed viewer will note that my tool kit is covered with brassieres.  Stay tuned.   I need now to dash off to university.      svb

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