Saturday, January 23, 2016

Young 'uns

....noticing today that the number of young people in the shop has increased substantially since we moved to Farmington.     HURRAH.   And it's both young women and young men, which is doubly wondrous.   Men, after all, were the first knitters....made socks, sweaters, etc., for themselves and for sale, especially in northern it's time they all came home.  Hence, our wonderful Wednesday-evening group led by the fabulous fabulous fabulous Nick (one of those young 'uns).  But I wonder if many of the younger knitters/crocheters know how vital they are to the survival of these very old and venerable, healing arts.  That's one of the things we have to teach, isn't it?   There is real urgency, perhaps always, but especially now as we confront a world made less and less personal almost daily, less and less MINDFUL -- that is, living in the present world, the world at hand, and not in some cyber-world.  Now and again, I think about the Real Science that has shown knitters who do it every day are virtually immunized against the symptoms of Alzheimers.   So.  Knit.  And do it in the company of others.  Up with face-to-faceness!     svb



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