Monday, November 8, 2010

and a fabric to die for...

Finally:   I need to get some work done SOMETIME today......Here are two images of one of our visitors during the recent Yarn Crawl............Her coat was made of such an intriguing woolen fabric that I forced Larry to take pictures.  This could be replicated in knitting with black woolen tweed (or plain black with a carry-along) and a row of fair-isle birds-eye done with variegated handpainted wool.  Or maybe with a row of stockinette deliberately done on the wrong side to create some 'bleed.'  I love it.  One of the best ways to devise new knitted fabrics is always to remember that fabric is fabric, fiber is fiber, and all we have to do, really, is to translate one 'language' into the other.  When time appears, I'll find the yarn.



  1. There is a lovely little pattern in one of Barbara Walker's books called Swedish Weave. In it, the effect yarn is never actually knitted, but passed back and forth between stitches, effectively weaving a strand along that row. You are right, with a multi-colored yarn it would be great. Also Linen Stitch might fit in there somehow--or a modified Linen stitch, in which every 3rd stitch is engaged and somehow the dark ground is more prominent. Fun.

  2. I am still looking for the perfect black tweed or black toothy wool with very slight carry-along thread/woolen strand. I love the weave idea -- could even do it like a backwards fair isle-style weave-in (that is, on the front). Need to get some sleep or I'd keep on speculating. Love to you. svb