Monday, November 29, 2010

For those of you who've asked...!

..........Here is what she looks like.   Who, you say?  Well, Lisa James, of course, the maker of those amazing sheep-spinnings  (yes, I got a new supply at the New York Sheep and Wool Festival, for those of you who snap them up when I have them in stock!).  Her sister (in the purple hat) has one around her neck:

She's also wearing one of her astonishing hats.   We have three of them in the place right now -- a red one (like the one she's wearing, though not identical, of course), plus two other warm colors.  There is a story here:   Lisa has a friend who makes felt constructions (I don't know exactly what kind) and she takes the voluminous leftovers and sews them into hats -- It takes amazing creativity, because the leftovers have been cut into a myriad of shapes.   Pick one up and look at it.  And imagine the spinnings on cuffs, lapels (they can be both knitted and crocheted, though with big tools), handbags, or needle-felted into hangings.   How about handles?  Or just do what Lisa has done.   She's a force of nature -- someone who reminds me of the region from which she comes (the southwest).   svb

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