Saturday, November 20, 2010


Is there such a word?   I have been laggardly with this blog.   I am SO tired -- it's near the end of the semester at Wayne State, students are doing what they do at term's end, particularly in the lower division class ("What??? You mean we have to write more than one paper?  Is that on the syllabus???" or "How do you expect us to read that whole book by next week?  I don't remember you telling us that....")  and so on and so forth.   This term, I learned many things I didn't know before.   On midterms, for instance, I learned that "slaves were entirely destroyed during Reconstruction" (!!!) and, no doubt less shockingly, that William Jennings Bryant was a famous black reformer.  Not to mention this:  "The sixteenth amendment gave women the vote, except for Indian women, who were reserved."   I couldn't make this stuff up, folks.

More later, when I can think clearly.      svb       

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  1. The word 'laggardlyness' appears in my Oxford English Dictionary published circa 1960. I purchased the OED from 'Blackwell's' in Broad Street, Oxford, in 2007. I therefore regard it as the arbiter on matters of the English language.