Sunday, March 27, 2011

Amazing Grace...Farm, That Is!

I ALMOST FORGOT!!!   Here is the gorgeous owner of Amazing Grace, who also had a marvelous booth at Bowling Green -- and from whom I bought 20 (!) sheep-shaped hand-crafted soaps in a myriad of scents/flavors, including Jasmine and Cinnamon and Lavender.  What a gifted woman!  And what an empathetic shepherd:  She sells Shetland rovings, to give one example, that carry the names of the sheep from whom the fleeces came.  I bought quite a few bundles, not surprisingly.  Soaps and other sundries in the first picture, rovings (etc.) visible behind her, and in the second picture, some of the handspun yarn that she sells at each festival (with more rovings).   Last night, I finished an organic-cotton loopy soap holder and bath scrubber, with strap, for which I'll do up a simple crochet pattern -- I'm calling it Loop-ah.  Sigh.  Probably I should leave naming to Larry.


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