Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bowling Green upcoming...

This weekend, I'm going to Bowling Green......For those of you who don't live in Southeastern Michigan (or northern Ohio), that's a small town in which can be found Bowling Green State University (which has a really good graduate program in history!!!), a sweet little downtown area with an independent coffee/book store on the main street, an array of fast-food restaurants on the avenue across from the campus, and LOTS of flat flat flat farmland.  Larry knows how tired I am -- he suggested that I reserve a motel room on Friday night and just rest, so that's what I'm going to do.  it's almost end of term, the students in one class particularly are incapable of college-level performance in too many cases, and I am not capable, really, of fixing what ails them (no writing or analytical skills to speak of, a problem that cannot be fixed quickly, once students receive a high school diploma basically for good behavior).  It is very stressful to know that you can't fix things -- especially for a first-born girl child.  So I look forward this time to end of term so that I can write in the morning and migrate to the studio in afternoons, each and every day.

MEANWHILE:  The Black Swamp Spinning Guild will hold its annual festival at the Wood County fairgrounds -- and I will attend for the first time on Saturday  I will be looking less for rovings (I hope to take on a huge pile of River's Edge rovings soon for our spinning program) than for unfamiliar spinners and hand painters.  More soon!


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