Sunday, March 13, 2011

Up and running....!

Larry and I are still planning to take off in a rented car (the poor, sweet little VW bug is getting old, and we all know about THAT!!!) (wry smile)..........Townsend, Tennessee, apparently has a place called Miss Lily's Restaurant, or some such amazin' thing (I'm practicing my southern accent, which Larry says is THE worst he's ever encountered)........Stay tuned! 

Yesterday, by the way, was an amazing red-letter day.  My handsome nephew Nick (who lives in Anoka, Minnesota) surprised me by coming into the studio as if he were just another customer.   What a delight!  He and his friend Jeremiah had been to Niagara Falls, and were headed for a local casino for the night.....Remember what it was like to be in your twenties???   Up all night?   On a lark?   TRUE joy.  We had a wonderful, no doubt fattening dinner at a new Mexican joint, they came to the house long enough to meet Bubba and Sheba (the cats), and they were off to the MGM Casino/Hotel.   Lovely lovely lovely.        svb

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