Thursday, November 24, 2011

Black Friday, Small Store Saturday

.....of course the Small Store Saturday schtick has been made up by Amex for their own benefit.  But Artisan Knitworks really DOES have some tricks up its sleeve.  There is a very long list available of discounted yarn, buttons, gifts -- including sweaters and hats, etc., made mostly by me.  And we urge you to bring or begin making something to give to the Detroit Rescue Mission -- all day Friday and Saturday, people will be knitting and crocheting, we hope, for the charity -- and we will hand-deliver the result, this week and every week, until the cold season has passed.  Detroit is not a happy place, so consider making something warm!


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  1. If we shopped at small stores on Saturday and used that old fashioned stuff called cash~~it could make a difference!