Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Promised Photographs from Massachusetts

Several posts ago, I promised that I'd include some photos of Lee and Lenox and Springfield, MA, the points of interest during my trip to the Fiber Festival of New England.

Lee, Massachusetts, the kissin' cousin of Lenox, MA, has some wonderful old architecture, much of it ecclesiastical.  Here is an old church building (18th century) transformed into a theater:

....and here are images of a fabulous old Congregational church, the kind that one always finds on a town square (as here), and the Cakewalk, where I got fabulous latte and an apple cake to bring home.  Both are in Lee, MA:

But the images I captured in Springfield, MA, just before the camera's battery went out are the main event here.  What a horrible, tragic sight in the wake of the heavy, wet snowfall.  And just after the batteries failed I saw scenes much, much worse than what I captured here.  Everywhere, trees and tree trunks and lampposts and cars were decimated.  Limbs piled up on the streetsides often reached to half the height of trees.  Click on the photographs for a taste of it -- and imagine entire blocks filled with worse than this.    svb

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