Wednesday, November 30, 2011

fair warning...

....and know, dear loyal readers, that I am silent because I am in the throes of end-of-semester turmoil.  This includes, e.g., students who appear for the first time and wonder what they've missed (!!!) (to which I say, Oh nothing....); students who ask whether the Supreme Court can pass an act outlawing immigration;  students who put the text of footnotes IN the footnote instead of in the text and get furious with me for telling them to redo it; students who ask in class, without the slightest indication of shame, whether they need to read the rest of the books to pass the final.  I could go on.  To be sure, there are good students, even some wonderful ones.  But MY GOD.  I've not even mentioned the very sad situation posed by students who are smart enough but have gathered no (NO) writing skills in high school because the whole damn thing was multiple choice.   Enough.   I will reappear in the blog after December 8.  In the meantime, I am knitting and crocheting hats to sell in the studio -- to stay sane.


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  1. Honey you are taking to the choir, I have kids that cannot even write their names, what is that? They don't even have pride in writing their name. They want to be called by names like g-dogg, girly cue...Macho rapper...and of course I ask them is that the name their mother gave them when they were born..and they I ask them what their real names are and...shitat,,skitta,,melitta....cocalitta...soclita...and the list goes on I am wondering who are the real idiots?...can't alway blame the kids..(SMILE)