Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Some Greencastle Lore, Part 3 of 3....!

...........and now for the promised endless parade of Indiana and Ohio-bred Angora bunnies.

.....Some people just can't stand the excitement.  For instance:

On the way home, we took smaller roads, notably Highway 12, which snakes through a large number of wonderful Indiana and Michigan wee towns.  I won't tell you about the ice cream.  I WILL tell you that we resisted stopping at the many dozens of antique shops along that road -- on the sensible ground that we would never be able to scrounge through all of their button and jewelry holdings in the few hours remaining.  So we stoically kept going, and will take a Wednesday sometime before summer is in full bloom to drive down that road in earnest.  It's in the smaller towns away from freeways that buttons are the most glorious and diverse -- and typically better prices (the tour buses don't stop there).  At least we now have an objective for a May or June day away from work.

Off to bed.  Go to a fiber festival sometime -- most especially, come to ours!  See our website for a link to the glorious Third Coast Fiber Arts Festival, to be held in September!!!!    svb

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