Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Some Greencastle Lore... Part I of 3!

So Larry and I took off in the Chrysler 200 (rented) on Thursday night -- made it as far as Fort Wayne, Indiana, or thereabouts (actually Gas City, if you can imagine a town with a name like that!  Sounds like a very bad case of too many lentils...).  A good night's sleep, no cat to bounce on me at 5:00 AM, no work nagging at me, and so on.  The weather was kind of nasty -- particularly while driving.  Incessant, often heavy rain, slick asphalt pavement. 

The Fiber Event at Greencastle, Indiana, which I attend almost every year, was something of a puzzle at first blush.  We thought that the bad weather had emptied the place out.  Look at how empty the outside stalls were (that's Larry mugging for the camera) -- they are usually chock full of vendors.

...but then, inside the first big building (this is the Putnam County Fairgrounds), it was a different story. Lots of good people, particularly in the second building. Here's a general shot inside bldg. no.1.  You can click on pictures to enlarge, you know -- no need to go blind!:

Here's an uncommonly happy maker of beautiful rovings:

And here is my wondrous Kim Leach of Wisconsin (who has been ill, which is positively forbidden) with equally wondrous husband.  Kim owns Happy Hands Yarns, and HE does all the winding:

...some great buttons and other fasteners, and then some beautiful, glossy yarn bowls:

I'm going to save all of the living creatures for a second posting -- they're very, very special.  And I'll say some things about the return trip.


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