Saturday, April 7, 2012

Suggestions needed....!!

The posting below is now irrelevant, at least for the immediate future:  We decided to have a two-day festival for the initial event and extend it to more days thereafter, once we have a better feel for clientele and vendors and workshop preferences, and so on.  But!  I'd still love to hear  your thoughts as to what one might do to set an entirely-indoor festival apart from the masses!    svb

Dearest Readers (as we might have said in the age of Queen Victoria):  See previous post about the fabulous Third Coast Fiber Arts Festival..........The really exciting thing, in addition to the obvious thrill of mounting a major festival in midtown Detroit, where such things haven't ever happened, is the chance to draw in all our clients and allies as we begin to map the thing.   So let's try it:   If the festival is three days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), with (say) 20-25 vendors and 6-8 workshops each day, with a Friday night dinner and 'meet the teacher' event and Saturday night reception with jazz combo (!), what should we do on Sunday?  It strikes me that Sunday afternoon COULD be a different sort of day.  Parents have time on Sundays to cook up exciting things to do with their kids.  They go to museums, shopping malls, etc.  Why not a fiber festival?  We could have some truly wonderful 'circles' for boys and girls (maybe ages 7-14?) in the conference center atrium, or in one of the big rooms converted basically into a playroom -- with people teaching such things as the knit stitch, single crochet, simple weaving, finger knitting, spinning with a drop spindle (made from a dowel, CD, and cup hook), and so on.  What else could be done on Sunday that would set this festival apart from others?  I'd LOVE to have your ideas in as much detail as you can muster.  Drop a note here, but if you have more to say, contact me at     svb

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